Here comes the bride - au natural nails on your big day

I get it… Everyone wants to look perfect on their wedding day – from dress to shoes, hair to make-up and, of course, nails. If you want to have stunning natural nails on your big day (you’ll totally regret acrylics or gels once you’re on your honeymoon), I’ve listed a few key things to do in preparation for walking down the aisle.

First, if your nails are not in tip-top shape you need to get onto it a month before the wedding. Book yourself in for a good manicure – not a $10 polish at your local shopping centre! You want your nails shaped and tidied, cuticles pushed back and any hangnails trimmed. This will give you a good starting point so you can DIY. Get yourself a good nail file, some cuticle oil and nail strengthener. Each day, apply your cuticle oil to keep nails hydrated and each night apply a coat of strengthener (just layer over the previous day’s). After seven days take all the coats off and start again. Keep doing this intensive layering for two weeks so they are nice and strong.

By the time you get to two weeks out, your nails should be looking good. Now is the time to book into your favourite salon for another manicure and to have a play with colours – this isn’t a decision you want to make when you’re having your final manicure. In 11 years of manicuring I’ve seen many a bridezilla (or worse, bridesmaid-zilla) moment over colour choice. I’ve had brides crying over colour choice yet 99 per cent of the time they end up with the classic sheer pink. That’s why I called our version ‘I said YES’. It is subtle yet has some depth, so your nails have that perfect soft pink finish.

If you’re wearing open-toe shoes, don’t forget to treat yourself to a pedicure, too. Choose a colour that will suit your honeymoon destination – ‘Pool Boy’ is perfect for by-the-beach-sipping-cocktail vibes. Side note: do not worry too much about what colours your bridesmaids are choosing. At the end of the day, everyone is looking at YOU!

Book your final manicure for the day before your wedding – you don’t want to be messing around with wet nails on the morning of your big day. Make the appointment for a time you know you can relax and won’t have to make up guest goodie bags or pack for your honeymoon.

It’s always a good idea to buy your favourite shade of polish and take it with you to the salon, just in case you need any emergency touch-ups on the day.

Love MF xx

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